We, at Universal Tourism provide visa assistance to travellers at not only affordable prices, but also aim at hassle free travel experiences. At Universal tourism, we believe in providing you with a customer service experience like no other. Our team consists of dedicated individuals who are competent, young and who aim to inspire you to touch new heights in your travel check list.

For a traveller, the world is a blank canvas. By visiting different places, he/she leaves its imprints on this canvas, creating a wide range of textures and shades and in the end the blank canvas is not just a white space, but is filled with strokes, textures and shades. This painting cannot be sold as it remains priceless or rather its price can be only defined by the artist herself.

If you wish to create a painting that is unique to you, and you wish to display your artistry; the only step that you need to take is choose the country and apply for a visa to get there.

The stamp of a visa on your passport, in its various colours is the best way to talk about how well travelled you are. The logic behind this is simple- the amount of colours of visa stamps determine your wanderlust.

With our hassle free and quick services, visa processing is now a cake walk. We offer visas for Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, China, Turkey, Bahrain, France, Oman, and many other such dynamic countries. At Universal Tourism, we understand your need to save time and to also be exempted from the muddle that is often associated with visa processing, and hence when it comes to effortless handling of visa and seamless assistance for visas:Universal tourism upholds a reputation for being quick and effective in visa assistance. Our prompt responses to client inquiries, clubbed with our experience in visa assistance and processing which is delivered by our committed team, add to our reliability.

Our goal is to reach out to those travellers who wish to experience travel in the most convenient manner possible, but also to make those who think that visa processes are troublesome and to make them believers in our visa assistance team.

This has been achieved by us in the past and we pledge to continue to serve our clients with services that will make them want to travel more. Indulge in travel, as the experience will teach more than you can ever learn.


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